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I’m a corporate runaway…..left a good job in the city, workin for the man every night and day… Ok not really, and Ike Turner never beat me, but I was beaten down working as an Account Exec for a Public Relations firm. Our main account was Du Pont Products and my job was coordinating special events and promotions for their line of insulating fibers, primarily for ski wear. I spent a lot of time traveling back to Colorado, where I’m from and skiing for free. Made good money, loved the perks, hated the job so quit and went back to school. Making the switch from corporate exec to grad student was the kick in my ass to that taught me how to be frugal but live fabulous. I got my Masters’ in Social Work and worked in EAP’s (employee assistance programs) before going part time and doing some Life Coaching. Now I work for myself, teach Pilates, Boot Camp Classes in the park and am a freelance journalist. I’ve learned that you don’t have to sacrifice quality of life for a mind numbing corporate gig and can live a lux life for less


I spend most day skating, running, biking in Prospect Park, the best playground in my own backyard.