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July 16, 2008


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  • Welcome Summer With Watermelon Margaritas
    The perfect remedy to a hot summer day. Scoop dice and seed a few cups of watermelon and freeze it. Toss the frozen pieces in the blender with about ¾ cup silver tequila and one shot each of triple sec and Cointreau. Add four ice cubs and squeeze in the juice of half a lime. Blend. Serve with mint garnish. Lick bottom of glass and repeat.
  • Lillet Lux
    Just discovered an even better way to sip my Lillet, as a mixer. It's cheaper than most spirits and provides a tastier base. Try it as a Martini. Crack some ice in a bullet and add one shot each of White Lillet and Vodka. Then toss in a splash of Vermouth. Dry is fine but sweet actually goes well with the Lillet. Then for a little zest, add a squeeze of lemon. Shake, pour and enjoy.
  • My New Favorite Drink
    Lillet!!! Not really a new drink for me but as the weather warms up I been feelin a chilled glass of the White Lillet with a lemon twist. At around $15 a bottle it's half as much as Champagne so trade in those tiny bubbles for thiis refreshing apéritif.

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