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  • Rue La La
    Just a heads up for folks who signed up with Rue La La. thanks... and know that for the really good boutiques, things sell out fast. So don't wait to shop. Chances are if the designer is one of your favs, it's also someone else's


  • Welcome Summer With Watermelon Margaritas
    The perfect remedy to a hot summer day. Scoop dice and seed a few cups of watermelon and freeze it. Toss the frozen pieces in the blender with about ¾ cup silver tequila and one shot each of triple sec and Cointreau. Add four ice cubs and squeeze in the juice of half a lime. Blend. Serve with mint garnish. Lick bottom of glass and repeat.
  • Lillet Lux
    Just discovered an even better way to sip my Lillet, as a mixer. It's cheaper than most spirits and provides a tastier base. Try it as a Martini. Crack some ice in a bullet and add one shot each of White Lillet and Vodka. Then toss in a splash of Vermouth. Dry is fine but sweet actually goes well with the Lillet. Then for a little zest, add a squeeze of lemon. Shake, pour and enjoy.
  • My New Favorite Drink
    Lillet!!! Not really a new drink for me but as the weather warms up I been feelin a chilled glass of the White Lillet with a lemon twist. At around $15 a bottle it's half as much as Champagne so trade in those tiny bubbles for thiis refreshing apéritif.

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